Housing Options Training Services

Housing Options offers training in the community for peers and staff.  The main topics for the trainings are: advocacy, self-help, self-help facilitator, anti-stigma and peer support training. These services are for any peer in the counties of Erie, Cattaraugus or Chautauqua Counties. We also offer trainings on WRAP plans, Advance Directives, person centeredness and other topics that the peers may want.  We provide the trainings in the community and try to go where you are to facilitate the trainings.

Self-Help Training

Training provides individual skills in facilitating and attending self-help groups, starting self-help groups and facilitators support. Self-help groups can be held at our office and locations in the community. The self-help program provides self-help groups that assist individuals with support, encouragement, mentors and alternatives to high-end services. The self-help program also has a training component that teaches and supports individuals who want to be self-help facilitators. The program embraces empowerment, choice, self-direction and independence along with community integration.

Advocacy Training

System advocacy, individual advocacy, community advocacy, person centeredness, boundaries, and community networking trainings are offered throughout each county.
Advocacy training programs are held in the community. Housing Options provides advocacy trainings for peers on how to: self-advocate, deal with stigma, how to advocate for others, the importance of sitting on boards, and how to advocate for self, another individual and the community. Peer advocacy services also offer linkages to other natural supports, community education and tools on how to navigate the system and their community.

Anti-Stigma Training

Anti-stigma training helps individual understand and reduce stigma including the different levels of stigma, self-stigma, community stigma, and stigma within the system. The program helps individuals develop tools to fight against this form of discrimination and provides resources that can help in this battle.

Peer Support Training

Peer support training helps individuals understand what peer support is, assists individuals with defining their recovery and explores the “pillars of the peer movement” - choice, empowerment, self-sufficiency, community integration, independence, resilience and learning to live the best life possible. This training program offers resources and community support that can assist anyone that is looking to enhance their healing/recovery journey.

To learn more about these and other training services and topics, please contact the following trainers:

Kirsten Vincent, Director of Respite Services and Manager of Managed Care Services,

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