Philosophy & Value Statement

Philosophy/Value Statement

Housing Options Made Easy’ s philosophy is individuals diagnosed with mental illness are treated with the same dignity and respect and exercise the same rights as enjoyed by all citizens.

We provide services and supports that assist individuals in meeting their self-identified needs, thus accessing opportunities that lead to the most independent lifestyle of their choosing.  Through education and support, individuals are empowered to learn about and take advantage of choices and opportunities available to them.

We believe that when individuals are given equal opportunity, much of the stigma of being labeled with mental illness can be overcome.

We also believe to build an effective service and support system, it must be customer driven and built on customer satisfaction.

  1. The agency is consumer driven.  This is accomplished through ongoing focus groups, need assessments and satisfaction survey of our services.
  2. Our Board is to be no less than 51% consumers.
  3. The majority of our staff will be recipients.
  4. We look at and treat people as individuals and not diagnoses.
  5. We develop services that reflect their individuality.
  6. As individuals, people have different needs and make different choices and that those choices are treated with respect.
  7. People who have and make choices must also accept responsibility for those choices.

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